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One Planet Community Principles


As the first One Planet Community endorsed in North America, Sonoma Mountain Village is guided by a framework of 10 principles within a One Planet Sustainability Action Plan. The Action Plan sets targets for our residents ecological footprint.

Today, the average American has a lifestyle, if emulated by the rest of the world's population would require 5 planets worth of resources. Our goal is to create a community where people can live a much more sustainable, one planet lifestyle.

The plan and initiative was created with experts at BioRegional UK who worked in collaboration with WWF International to work towards achieving a "one planet " ecological footprint. Learn more about ecological footprints here.

The program is created around the 10 principles below and monitored by BioRegional to ensure goals are mapped and measured.

Health and Happiness

Culture and Heritage

Equity and Local Economy

Local and Sustainable Food

Land Use and Wildlife

Sustainable Transport

Zero Carbon

Zero Waste

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Water


Sonoma Mountain Village is proud to join the international network of endorsed One Planet Communties, including:
Hollerich Village, Luxembourg
Mata de Sesimbra, Portugal
One Brighton, UK
One Gallions, UK
North West Bicester, UK
Grow Community, Brainbridge Island, Washington, USA